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Bar Poker Open Masters Tournament

Saturday, November 11th, 2017 11:30am (Eastern Time)

Players who have earned Masters Tickets by achieving more than 3 Seats online throughout the season will earn entry and rebuy/add-on into this online tournament.

  • Cost for Entry: 1 Masters Ticket
  • Cost for Rebuy: 1 Masters Ticket (valid at any time when player has 3000 or fewer chips)
  • Cost for Add-on: 1 Masters Ticket (valid during Break after Level 8)
  • GRAND PRIZE: The Winner of this event will Win a “Bye” into Day 2 of the $100,000 East Coast Championship with an average chip stack (plan is for 250,000 chips). This will allow the player to get past 90% of the field and instantly “in the money” during Day 2.
  • Winner may still compete in Day 1A and/or Day 1B for a larger stack. If player bags chips greater in value than the 250,000 average stack during any Day1, they will start Day2 with the larger stack.
  • Masters Tickets Expiration: Masters Tickets earned before the East Coast Championship may be used for the East Coast Masters Tournament or saved for the Vegas National Championship Masters Tournament. Masters Tickets earned after the East Coast Championship must be used for the Vegas National Championship Masters Tournament or they will expire.



The Schedule

4 days of OPEN tournaments for the bar poker community. No badge fees, great structures, fun formats and hundreds of league players!

The Parties

The entire series is one big party but we will be having an Open Bar Party on Sunday December 10, 2017.

$100,000 EAST COAST Championship

Qualified players from local bars across North America compete for a massive cash prize!

Live Stream Final Table

The only bar poker championship live streaming "cards up" coverage to the world! Commentary by Poker Pros Ebony Kenney and Joey Ingram.