Frequently Asked Questions

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Steel City Poker is a marketing and entertainment company providing marketing/advertising services, Poker Tournament Hosting services to Venues, and a web-based Poker League that offers any player to compete for points and nightly prizes at participating venues in our network.

No, that is gambling and that would be illegal. Participants play with chips only. No side bets of any sort are allowed. Players gambling or attempting to gamble will be immediately removed from the tournament and banned from all future Steel City Poker tournaments and events./p>

Membership is free and simple, just complete the registration information. You must be 21 or older to play.

All of our venues provide single-elimination, No-Limit Texas Hold’em Tournaments. However, in rare cases a Venue may choose to offer Team Tournaments, Heads-Up Tournaments, 2nd Chance Tournaments, or more. In the future the league may be introducing other specialty forms of poker like Limit Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Pineapple and other variations of tournament poker.

The league is constantly growing. You can find a list of all games under “Our Venues” tab in the header.

At each Steel City Poker event, a tournament director (TD) is hired by the venue to manage the event. To ensure legitimacy of the event the TD handles the hosting of the event, organization of the event, and ensures the rules of the tournament are being followed from start to finish. At some locations, a full time TD is not present, and a player or a group of players are nominated by the venue to host their event. In this case, all players would be provided with a guide for the basic tournament rules for Steel City Poker to ensure that our rules are being followed in the best interest of fairness at the tournament.

Yes. All Steel City Poker tournaments are self-dealing games, which means you are required to deal when the dealer position gets to you.

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Play For free

Always FREE to Play and NEVER a buy in. The only league in Pittsburgh to offer 5 nights of poker each week.

Earn Points

Earn points based on your finish in nightly events to qualify for venue Championships and more.

Qualify For Vegas

Qualify for Las Vegas through our Championship events or through the Bar Poker Open online qualifiers.