905 Allegheny Ave, Oakmont, PA 15139
(412) - 828 - 2070
Smoking is allowed.

Mike's Wife's Bar & Grill

Hosting tournaments every Thursday night at 7:30 pm. Early Bird bonus chip for arriving at least 30 minutes before the start.

Late registration is available until the end of the first break.

This location is a Bar Poker Open sanctioned event.  Top 3 finishers each night will qualify for the Bar Poker Open National Championship online qualifier.

Congrats To Our Season 16 Winners!

Tavern Champion: Penny Lewetag

Overall Points Leader: Penny Lewetag

Leaderboard & Tournaments

  • Players must play in at least TEN (10) nightly events throughout the Season to be eligible to play in the Week 27 Tavern Championship.
  • Players that earn 1,000 points througout the Season will qualify for the Season 17 Championship.
  • Overall points leader for Season 17 will earn an invite into the East Coast Poker Classic at Maryland Live! Casino in April 2018, and qualify for the Tournament of Champions online tournament.
  • Gambling at ANY Steel City Poker event is strictly prohibited. This is for entertainment only.

Kevin DeGraeve1575141
Jason Nash1495151
Jolynn Arabia1445150
Reggie White1280122
Dave Carey1105141
Jim DeZort1045141
Frank Varrati101091
Rich Holden945121
Brian Wheaton915151
Penny Lewetag845130
Trishank Nandakumar835110
James Guenther785100
Lorraine DeZort730140
Rick Snyder665111
Cindy Salvas585100
Eli Sproull54550
Dano Phelps530101
Tonya Yancey 52061
Linda Snyder505110
Chris Danjou42551
Earl Snair Sr42541
Michael Asti39550
Bob Skatell390120
Stephen Carthy38560
Regal Yancey 38060
Earl Snair31050
Chad Lecnar28040
Greg Flasik27570
AJ Asti25530
Gregory Varga21020
Rachel Wilkerson17540
Steven Lecnar16020
Jason Fruh14010
Chuck Kitts13010
Dante Snooks12530
Eian Shurina7010
Nikola Novosel7030
Becca Vokes6510
Morgan Williams5010
Adam Flanagan4030
Vinnie Coppolella3010
Jesse Starr1010
Ken Bertel1010
Stephen Lecnar1010
Rashaan Morris1010