How The League Works

Similar to a trivia or pool league, players will be playing in FREE Texas Hold ‘em Tournaments each week in their favorite bars. All players in each tournament earn points to move on to the Tavern, Season, and Tournament of Champions events. The year is broken down into two (2) 27 week Seasons, with Championship Events for each. It’s FREE, it’s FUN, and best of all, you can win some really Cool Prizes!

There are 26 weeks of nightly tournaments and 1 week of Tavern Championships in each Season. Locations can sign up at any point and still qualify players for the Season and Tournament of Champions events. Each tournament is comprised of 6 to hundreds of players competing until one person is left standing. All players for each night will earn points based on their finish in each tournament. Nightly prizes will include a cash prize or location gift certificate*, all prizes are provided by the location and subject to State laws. Week 27 of each season, all players that have qualified by playing in 10 nightly tournaments will compete in the Tavern Championship, where the prizes include a Trophy, title of Tavern Champion, and a seat into the Tournament of Champions.

At the end of each season, qualified players will participate in a Season Championship Tournament. The Tavern Champion and players earning 1,000 points or more from each location will compete in this Tournament.

*Nightly prizes are subject to change without notice, based on availability, and subject to State law($500 per event in PA). Gambling at ANY Steel City Poker event is strictly prohibited. This is for entertainment only.


Play For free

Always FREE to Play and NEVER a buy in. The only league in Pittsburgh to offer 5 nights of poker each week.

Earn Points

Earn points based on your finish in nightly events to qualify for venue Championships and more.

Qualify For Vegas

Qualify for Las Vegas through our Championship events or through the Bar Poker Open online qualifiers.