Table Etiquette

Please be respectful of your fellow players. Some new players may not be aware of standard table etiquette. If someone is not using their “table etiquette” then simply make them aware (in a nice tone). Remember that we are here to have fun, have a drink, meet some new people and play some poker.


Late registration at nightly events is available until the end of the 1st break. Players arriving after the start of the tournament will begin with a full starting stack of $1,000 in chips plus any bonus chips available to them except for the Early Bird bonus.

Your higher value chips should be visible at all times and not hidden behind other stacks. Players are encouraged to not have "dirty stacks", please stack chips in denominations.

This will happen from time to time, but please be respectful of this. Your move can influence the action(s) of other players at the table.

Players standing behind the table cannot help someone sitting at the table.

The last thing the Tournament Director or the other players need is a whiny player. Take a deep breath and enjoy your time playing cards!

Do not show your cards to other people at the table or the “audience”, even if you are going to fold and/or they are already out of the hand. Your cards are for your eyes only.

String betting is when a player places their wager out in multiple motions unless they announce “raise” and/or the amount of their wager at the same time. REMEMBER, many players are not familiar with this, so take it easy on them!!!!

Please be respectful of play at the table and do not use your cellular phone, tablet, or electronic devices while playing. You can stand up behind your seat and chat if you would like, but your hand will be mucked if not seated.

Verbal declarations are binding. If you call a raise, you should make a raise unless the player did not recognize a raise before them.

Cards should remain on the table at all times.

The player to the left of the dealer should shuffle the cards for the next hand.

A player should not win the hand unless they show both their hole cards.

Smoking can be very bothersome to other players sitting at the table. Please be respectful while smoking at the tables.


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